Mark Palmer, Maverick Planet

Mark Palmer, Co-Founder, Maverick Planet

Mark is the founder of Maverick Planet. The projects Maverick Planet works on are diverse and often in multi-markets. Mark has worked with Google, The Economist, BSkyB, Ebay, Cadbury, Bupa, Lego, Samsung, Vodafone, the government of Denmark, on the legalisation of cannabis in Canada, 2 elections in Africa, English Cricket and numerous successful start-ups. Mark was originally a mathematician and physicist. He then became a market researcher, marketer and change practitioner. For 20 years he was the Executive Head of Strategy and Communication Planning at some of the most regarded agencies, including: DDB, WCRS and OMD. He was named as the strategist in Campaign Magazine’s fantasy agency of the millennium. Maverick Planet is currently working on multiple projects dealing with change decisions due to environmental and societal impact.

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