Ricky Alfred – Director of Responsible Business, Communisis

Ricky Alfred - Director of Responsible Business, Communisis

Ricky has 20 years of experience working primarily in the private sector, from Capita to the Prince’s Trust, in the capacity of consultant as well as senior leadership roles. Focused on supporting executive leaders in creating responsible and sustainably growing businesses through influencing the mind-sets and way of doing business. Profits supported by Purpose that colleagues, clients and suppliers can recognise and feel the positive impact of results in strong triple bottom line performance; managing the economic, social and environmental performance and impacts.”

Ricky believes that corporate responsibility, in its many forms, is evolving in to organisations wanting to unify their colleagues around a central purpose that goes beyond making profit. Measuring and managing the impact they have on their stakeholders, wider society and the planet. Getting this right is no longer a ‘nice to have’ and is now ensuring that if done correctly it can deliver long term sustainable growth.

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