Ryan McSorley – Co Founder, NEAT

Ryan McSorley - Co Founder, NEAT

Ryan is an award-winning industrial designer who has worked globally for brands such as Starbucks in Shanghai and more recently as Industrial Design lead for Method and Ecover in the EU. International award winner of Red Dot and the US Good Design Award. “We have to think and behave differently to make a change. Whilst recycled plastics are a move in the right direction, they won’t solve the problem. We need solutions that are a radical step change in reducing single use plastic.

At Neat., our beautiful design led solutions use aluminium and glass as primary material and avoid shipping water half way round the world.” “A circular system gives us incredible design opportunities. No longer are we designing products to be put in the bin, we are creating them to be with us for years to come. Therefore, they have to be better than what exists. We have a long term relationship with them so we have to love and care for them. No longer can sustainability be a compromise.”

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